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Public service message: Kratom should NOT be bracketed with so called ‘Legal Highs’. This is not some lab chemical with unknown outcomes. It is a plant product with pleasant effects and it should not be considered dubious or harmful. Like any consumed substance it should be used in moderation, within individual tolerance.

PEP Kratom Capsules

We have all seen how PEP has built its reputation on great ideas and quality products like their current range of kratom capsules. And with their careful sourcing of excellent quality kratom from the best kratom regions, they are getting better all the time.

The PEP kratom brand is proving popular for many reasons, which should be of interest to both kratom newbies and experienced veterans! Here are the best ones:

  • Each pot of kratom capsules contains 10g of high quality kratom, and fits easily into your pocket.
  • Each of the kratom capsules is a 500mg kratom delight! Easy to measure your use – no need for scales. (Really handy at parties and festivals, when you just need it to be easy!)
  • For those more experienced or adventurous kratom lovers, kratom capsules can be easily opened. Remember, it’s 500mg per cap, so you have the benefit of easy measurement.
  • PEP kratom capsules come in four different varieties: Maeng Da Extract; Thai Enhanced; Indonesian Enhanced; Malaysian Enhanced. Each has its own unique characteristics – see below for more details.

Did you know: PEP kratom capsules could be just the ticket for your hangover. Just put on some music or a film and let them soothe your troubles away!!

Did you know: kratom is known for stimulation and relaxation. It varies according to your mood, the amount used and the type of kratom. Different types have different qualities. Read on to learn more….


True choice comes from PEP They have kratom & kratom capsules varieties for all preferences and needs. Their new kratom extract and enhanced kratom capsules lines are a must for any dabbler or enthusiast. Each strain has its own special character and these are described below – but remember, it’s all individual, so you may want to decide for yourself which ones work best for your needs.

PEP Maeng da Kratom Extract

It’s like a giant bumblebee so watch the windows, they might shatter from the buzz!

Maeng Da is known as a high-quality kratom leaf, as it is brimming with the best kratom alkaloids possible. Many
kratom trees sport Maeng da leaves, but only the eagle-eyed harvester will spot them. Their jagged- edges are the giveaway and once picked they are kept to one side as special reserve.

PEP have taken this product and made it even better. The kratom Leaves are de-veined, so only the best material is used for these capsules. Using special techniques, PEP makes a kratom extract five times stronger than the original material. Known for its strength and durability,

PEP’s Maeng da extract kratom capsules will send you skywards and keep you there for hours. Give it a go if you are partying, these kratom capsules are particularly good for energy. I personally can’t wait for festival season – as these will be just the ticket for ease of use and potency! Smaller amounts work well for chilling out too.

Be warned, PEP Maeng da Capsules are not for the faint of heart. Use sensible amounts, keep well hydrated and stay in warm, comfortable surroundings with good entertainment and conversation. You will be back for more!

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PEP Enhanced Thai Kratom

It works a treat in the warehouse or on the street. Thai kratom, like the song, is ‘Hard to Beat’!

Like the Maeng da, Thai enhanced kratom is known for its energising kratom effects. Natives to Thailand have used kratom for decades, to spur them on in their work and help relieve muscular pains. Traditionally, the leaves are chewed, but with these PEP Thai Kratom Capsules, the bitter flavours are bypassed. Of course, some long-time kratom lovers are welcome to get closer to their kratom by popping the capsules open. You get the convenience of knowing that each one contains 500mg – so you can leave the mini-scales at home!

But for that majority who just demand simple, effective satisfaction, this product will work perfectly well as it is. Tell you what, I was fortunate enough to get to chew some Thai leaves not long ago, and they really were good… but that flavour was hard to handle! Even as an experienced kratom consumer, I wouldn’t have minded some kratom capsules right then. All the benefits and none of the nasty bits. It’s a win win!!

Experienced users sometimes say that acidic drinks like orange juice help the kratom effects along. You might want to ensure an empty stomach and avoid alcohol beforehand.

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PEP Enhanced Malay Kratom

I like these at night, when I’m done with work or party, just to chill out feels all right.

After my experiences with Indo, I discovered Malaysian kratom. For me it’s definitely one that’s more for relaxing strain and kratom capsules. It’s a slow acting, long lasting strain with obvious potency. I’m a recreational user, but I imagine Malaysian being perfect for pain relief and opiate withdrawal – just because of its effectiveness and how long it lasts.

With the enhancements by PEP, there will be no need to mix this up with other strains. This little puppy will be amazing on its own, at best on an empty stomach. I’ve always found it better to avoid alcohol beforehand. However, once the kratom effects have started, a small amount of alcohol can be very pleasant in combination. It seems to make the experience intensify in just the right way, for a chilled out, smiley, dreamy feeling.

That thing about the hangovers: well Malay kratom is my choice for easing that awful feeling. Sip hot drinks – no milk if possible – once the effects have, and it gets to work nicely for a relaxed and pleasant Sunday afternoon. After one hour, moderate hair of the dog is allowed!

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PEP Enhaced Indo Kratom

Firm favourite for variety and versatility and it’s now even better, thanks to PEP kratom

My first journeys into the realm of kratom were with Indonesian strains. I have found them to provide balanced effects, with small amounts feeling energetic and larger amounts providing relaxation. For all-round performance, Indo kratom is an excellent choice and it mixes well with other kratom… But hang on… what this? “Enhanced”…?

…well spank me sideways, they’ve enhanced their Indo and stuffed it into kratom capsules for our convenience. 500mg of enhanced Indo per kratom capsules, and 20 caps in a pot. For those who want all the pleasure and none of the hassle, look no further! No more measuring out different kratom Strains just trying to get that mix right – our friends at PEP have got it sussed and we can reap the benefits.

I already mentioned festival season and sorry to go on about it, but I just can’t wait. When we’re all jumping around, if they kill the sound for a second, all you will hear is the rattle of thousands of PEP kratom capsules in their little pots, in people’s pockets! They are just so easy to carry around and you can measure them out with ease.

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